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November 4, 2022



      You have marveled at, the great cathedrals, the soaring spires, of churches, temples, and synagogues, built for the glory, My Glory.  But I will tell you, which cathedrals, and soaring spires, of thought, and vessels, are more valuable, to Me, than these built of brick, and mortar, and stone, and wood, and they are, all of thee, moving cathedrals, and synagogues, and temples, and vessels.  You are more glorious, than the most extraordinary cathedral, you have ever seen.  I AM, within you.  You are the temple.  You are the dwelling place.  You do not have to go anywhere, to be with Me, because I AM, within thee.  Move over the Earth, as if you know the value, and the love, I place upon you.  There is not one building, which has legs to move, arms to hold, lips to whisper kind words, ears to hear, thoughts to create beautiful prayers of thanksgiving.  Look, at what you can do, and realize, the value of you.  For, I, My son, My daughter, dwell, within you.  You are the dwelling place.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you are walking, on a path, there I AM, with you.  When you are swimming, in a sea, there I AM, with you.  When you are laboring, at a job, there I AM.  When you are preparing, a meal, for your family, or friends, there I AM.  When you are brushing, your teeth, and combing, your hair, there I AM.  There is no place, you can go, that I AM not there, with you, and within you.  You are the moving temples, and synagogues, and cathedrals.  Your thoughts, your love for Me, are as the soaring steeples, from churches.  You are the dwelling place, and I dwell, within you.