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November 5, 2022



      Spend some time today, pondering who you are.  Now, I can tell you, you are My child.  I can tell you, you are spirit, first.  You are of Me.  But it is important that you establish, within yourself, that you know, who you are.  You are more than your name.  The truth is that you can change your name, one hundred times, but that does not change who you are.  Your work does not define you.  Although, that is often the way you introduce yourself, using your name, and that which you are employed to do.  But you can change your work, your job, one hundred times, and it still does not change who you are.  And you can do the same with clothing.  You can change your clothing, different styles, hundreds of them, but it will not change who you are.  Do not ignore the opportunity to sit, quietly, and go, within, to find out who you are.  It is important to do because, once you know, who you are, you know the origin of you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       While in human being form, individuals often undertake the process: of altering their outward appearance; studying to alter the ways they think about things; to change their diet, to alter their body’s outward appearance; exercise, physical work, to make the body strong.  Apply this same enthusiasm, to going inward, to find out who you really are.  Who is at the core of your being?  Sit with it.  It will change your entire life, when you sit, quietly, go within, and find the you that is the eternal you, that has been waiting, for you, to begin.