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November 6, 2022




      “I AM with you.  Oh yes, you can believe, I AM with you.  It is best not to say, you think you heard Me.  It is best to say, you heard Me because, I AM with you.                                         


      “Today, My brief message, to you, is to remember, that God is talking to you, from within you.  Oh yes, it is possible for you to hear The Voice of God, all around you.  And it will be mighty, when you hear it, from outside of you.  There are many who have heard that outside voice, Moses to be one of them.  But most of the time, you hear God, from within you.  When you hear this personal message, from God, open your heart, and listen, because it is for you.  There is one thing, that some people do, that is best to try not to do.  When God is speaking to you, it is God, knowing you, and giving you a direction.  Resist the temptation to go out, and shake, people into believing, that they need to do, what God told you to do.  It could be right, but most of the time it will not work, because the message was not sent to them.

       “So, here is an example.  Please remember this.  Yes, I AM asking, with a please.  The example is this.  Let us say God is in Austin, Texas, and sends out a whisper, from within, to people to come, and join God, in Austin Texas.  Now, there is one person in Denver, Colorado, who hears the message, and begins the journey, to Austin.  Another in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania begins the journey, following the direction, as received from God.  And yet, another in Birmingham, Alabama, hears the message, and starts the journey, to sit with God, in Austin, Texas.  But guess what!  Each of those directions, coming from Denver, and Pittsburgh, and Birmingham, they are all different.  If Birmingham insists that Pittsburgh follow the directions, that they have received, they will never get to Austin, Texas, because the directions, are best suited, for each individual.  And, even as you draw nearer, to that city, from which you are called, your directions are still not the same because, you are entering the city, from different places.

       “Using that picture, understand how personal the relationship, between you and God, is.  I AM not saying can be, or might be, or if.  I AM saying, it is personal.  And that might be a bit challenging to accept, that God knows you, personally.  But it is the truth.  And, if you listen, to God, within you, all your days, upon the Earth, will be just perfect because, God is speaking to you.  And no matter where you are, you will get to God, because it is God, directing you.  Do not be fooled.  Do not be misled, letting people tell you that, that is not The Way, letting people tell you that is not what you are supposed to be doing, because, yes, it is.  The direction will come, to you, from God, from within.  The only thing is, you must make the time, to sit quietly, and be still, so you can hear The Voice, from within.  If the music is cranked up so high, even though it might be praising, you cannot hear.  If there is noise all around you, from the streets, and cars, and ambulances, guess what?  It is too loud.  You cannot hear.

       “Go to a quiet place.  Be still.  Ask the question, and it will be revealed to you, in such an amazing way.  The answer to every question, you have, is within you.  It is not in a book, on the desk.  It is not in a classroom, at a school.  It is not on your television set.  It is not in your computer.  It is within you.  You hold the answer.  And the truth is, My brothers and sisters, you hold God, within you.  The Creator of All Things is within you.  The Wisdom, of every age, is within you.  So, why not go, within you?”