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November 6, 2021



      Whenever another person comes to you, in need, asking for help, or assistance, give, without hesitation, give, because the opportunity has come to you, to be My hands, upon the Earth.  It is cause for celebration.  You have filled a need.  You have been the source of joy, for another person.  When someone comes to you, asking for any kind of help, or assistance, realize this is why you are upon the Earth, to be My hands, and My feet, and My eyes, and My ears.  Do not reject the call for help.  Do not pass-up the opportunity to do My work, upon the Earth. 

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There is much need, and you are there, to take the step, to provide what is needed.  There is much longing, for compassion, and understanding, and you are there, to sit, be still, and with your willingness to listen, you are the balm to their wound.  Do not hesitate to give, and give more than that, which is asked of you.  Do not hesitate to walk the extra mile, with your brother, or sister, when they are in need, of companionship, and understanding.  Do not hesitate, to accept a responsibility, and see it, as the opportunity, to do the work of God, upon the Earth.