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November 5, 2021



      Do not fear unexplored territory, when it is My Hand, leading you into revelation you have not known before.  Each step, we take, together, into The Kingdom of Heaven, will be divine, for it is possible for you to know, My Ways, while you walk, upon the Earth.  All things are possible with Me.  So, come with Me.  Walk, into The Divine, and experience The Kingdom of Heaven, as you walk, upon the soil of Earth.  My Hand will lead you forth.  My Light will show The Way.  My Power, will protect you, and shield you, from all harm.  My Love, will illuminate a new horizon, wherein all things are possible.  I AM calling.  Take My Hand.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not stifle your desire to know more, of The Ways of God, with fear, and doubt.  When you take The Hand of God: you will see, that which you did not see before; you will hear, that which you did not hear before; you will know, that which you did not know before; and, you will love, that which you did not love before.  You will do all these things, because it is The Hand, of God, which moves you along The Way, into The Kingdom of God, which is All That Is, and ever will be.