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November 4, 2021



      You will recognize The Voice, when you hear the call.  And, upon this day of recognition, there will be no doubt.  Then, with no doubt, walk toward The Voice, toward the call, and soon you will see, and know it all, even that which had once evaded your vision, evaded your ears.  On that day, there will no crying, only laughter, and the knowing, that you are blessed, and know where you are going.  With The Voice still constant, within you, you will be led, always led.  You are My child, and you shall never walk alone.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do you hear My whisper?  Wait.  Be still.  Be quiet.  In the silence you will hear.  Turn from the ways of the world, and listen.  The Wisdom of Heaven is with you, now, and forever, as I AM with you, now, and forever.  Rise-up, child of God, and walk into this new day dawning, and know where you are going.  Live, with confidence.  Live, as The Light of God leads you, through this day, into tomorrow.  Live.