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November 7, 2022


      You can ride a horse, on a merry-go-round, and have an experience.  But you can also go out, to the countryside, and ride, with a horse, over the meadow, and have an experience.  You can go to an aquarium, and see dolphins, swimming, and have an experience.  But you can also seek out certain places, and swim, in the ocean, with the dolphins, and have an experience.  You can watch a documentary, about the different places, and people, in your country, and have an experience.  You can also travel, all through your country, stopping to meet people, and see where they live, and how they live, and have an experience.  The same is true for your spiritual experience.  You can go, and watch, and take part in a service, proclaiming the glory of living a spiritual life.  But you can also be still, and listen, to The Whisper, welling up, from within you, from within your being, beckoning you to hear the calling, to live the experience, of a spiritual life.  You can choose your experience.  Will it be one of limitations?  Or, will it be one of living a spiritual life, without boundaries?  You see, there are no limits to what I will reveal to thee, when you are with Me, together, riding over meadows, swimming in the ocean, seeing places, meeting people, and living the experience of life, upon Earth, as it is meant to be, you, and Me, together, as One.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       There are many examples, of how to live your life, upon Earth, fully, rather than doing so on a limited basis.  You can choose the merry-go-round, and the wooden horse, which goes up and down; or, you can choose the horse, which is free, calling to thee, to come ride with me.  That experience will be one of wonder and delight, as you go out, into the meadow, and feel the sun, together.  You are, no longer going up and down, on a wooden horse.  Now, you are free, to be with the horse, being the experience, together, you, and the horse, experiencing the sun, the grass, the meadow, and the exuberance of living life, upon Earth, as it is meant to be.