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November 8, 2022



      I AM not a stagnant pool, locked into one place, My surface still.  No, this is not Me.  See Me as a vibrant river, rushing through a verdant valley, feeding, with the living waters, all, both sides, neglecting not one, but bringing the living waters to all, all of the valley, reaching up, into the mountains, mingling, with the creation, nurturing, feeding, loving, caring, compassionate.  I AM The River.  I will not run dry.  I will not cease to move.  I will always be in your presence, to nurture, to love, to guide.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

      Always think of your Creator God as The Living Waters.  And when you think of living waters, a moving river, you will soon come to realize that the river does not bring water to one side, one bank, but touches all of the Earth, moving out, even feeding things that you cannot imagine, because the water reaches out, beneath the surface of the Earth, and travels far, and does good, and brings the droplets of plenty.  And not one is driven away, from the banks of the water, of the living, rushing, moving river.  For, it is, as God, amongst you, nurturing the creation, assuring growth, promising a tender care, and doing all.  For, God is all.  And all is one.  And you are one, with God.