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October 10, 2021



      No matter where you live, there is often a desire, within you, to visit another country.  Sometimes, you become absorbed in that country, and its history, and its people.  You speak about it so often that friends, and family, give you gifts, from that country.  You select movies, because they are set, in that country.  You know something about the country, because you have read about it, and you have tasted a bit of it, you know much of the history of it.  Then one day you visit the country, walk the hillsides, and eat the foods of the country.  You immerse yourself in the cities, and the rural areas, and you begin to know the country, even better.  With each visit, you know more, and more, about the country.  But there is a difference between visiting, and living, in a country.  For those, who dwell, in that country: their lungs are filled with the air, of that country; their eyes hold the vision, of the beauty, of that country; their ears hear the birds, and the songs, of that country; they embrace each other; they touch the trees, and the flowers; the water, of that country, bathes their bodies, and quenches their thirst; the sun shines upon them; they know the light of the country, because each country holds a different light.  They live, in the country; therefore, they know it fully, completely.  It is in their heart, their lungs, and as they eat the food, grown in the soil, of that country, they are digesting the country itself.  They are of that country.  There is a difference between visiting and dwelling.  Today, begin to live with Me, rather than visiting Me, occasionally, or every few days.  You have the unimaginable opportunity to experience Earth, while living with Me.  Not just visiting Me, living with Me.  Begin to know Me more fully, today.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       I AM The Spirit of God within thee.  You have The Kingdom of Heaven, within you.  You carry it, with you.  It is time to know Heaven upon Earth.  Be still, and come to Me.