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October 10, 2021



      “I AM with you.  The call goes out, and even though it is but a whisper, those who know My voice, answer the call.  I AM with you.  Do not avoid My presence with you, for as we communicate, and continue to talk, your life experience, upon Earth, is greatly enhanced.  Do not ignore that which is with you.  Embrace it, for it will fulfill you, and all that you do will be filled with the energy of Heaven, The Dimension of Perfection, the Divine Home, from which you came.                              


“Today, is the only today you will ever experience.  The eternal
present is with you, now, right now.  But the eternal present changes constantly.  With every breath you take there is a new eternal present with you.  So, as you breathe, you live a new time, with every breath you take, it is a new time.  Therefore, do not spoil the new time, by worrying about something that is old, is past, is gone.  And how can you do this?  How can you stay there, in that present time, breathing in and out, the present eternity that is yours?  By instantly, at the moment, forgiving all things.  Forgive it, and move on, forgive it, and move on.  Take the lessons with you, but forgive others, and yourself, and move on, because nothing is waiting for you.  You cannot hold back the present piece of eternity, that comes to you, in rapid repetition, through the entirety, of your lifetime, upon Earth.  Do not spoil the present with the reside of the past.  When the past surfaces in some way other than absolute joy, or wisdom, forgive it, immediately.  Forgive it, in that present piece, and move on, because the next present piece of eternity is riding the breath with you, and into you. 

       “Live, while you are living.  Breathe, and live.  Take in the experience of Earth, and begin to look at your life, and the life of those around you, as sacred.  What are you doing with this piece of eternity with you?  Some of you are lamenting the past.  Others of you are fearing, or dreading, the future.  And you are wasting the present.  Today, set your intention to experience Earth, in a divine way.  Every breath you take, celebrate it, as the life, the time you experience that piece of eternity, and let it flow from you, moving into the flowing waters of eternity.  They are coming to you.  See yourself standing in the middle of a gently, flowing river, and let it move to you, and all around you, and through you.  Immerse yourself in the river, and feel it over your face, and go into your eyes, and ears, and rise-up, and let it fall from you. 

       “This sounds rather radical to most of you, but it is what you are meant to do.  Embrace the present with you.  You must begin somewhere.  So, start with a specific day, or if you must, only an hour, but do it, with intention and purpose, and then you will be surprised.  As the present is always with you, your life, on Earth, becomes automatic.  You are where you need to be, doing exactly what you need to do, because you are in the eternal flow, and that eternal flow takes you, where you need to go.  And when you arrive, you know exactly what to say, because you are living in that present piece of eternity, and it just comes from you.  Use what is yours to use, today.  Live, with every breath you take.  Experience where you are now.  And as you do that, remember, Heaven is with you, and near to you.  Earth is all around you.  You feel it.  You taste it.  Move into the flow, and begin to live divinely, as you go through your lifetime, upon Earth.  Treasure what is yours, as it is sacred.”