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October 9, 2021



      When a tree is but a seedling, it is small, and fragile, and could easily be crushed beneath a footfall.  But beneath the ground, within inner Earth, the root system has already begun to grow, and expand, drawing nutrients from the soil, of the Earth; and the roots reach far, and support the tree.  And the light of the sun summons the tree up, up, towering over the grasses, and the flowers, giving protection to the birds, and the bees.  But beneath the tree, the roots begin to grow, curling, and weaving through the soil, promising nutrients, creating underpinning, for the tree, anchoring the roots in different places.  And still, the tree grows.  You are as the tree.  It is important that your roots go deep, into your soul, and your spirit, weaving, holding, gathering nutrients from your soul, and your spirit, so that you might rise-up, in The Light of The Son, and grow.  Make sure your roots are planted in fertile soul, and spirit.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you could see beneath the surface of the soil, and see what the roots are doing, beneath the Earth, within the Earth, you would be amazed to see the work going on, gathering nutrients, moving through the soil.  You do not see, beneath the tree, but you can tell, from how the tree appears to be, that the root system is sturdy, and sound, and strong, in fertile ground.  Pay attention, to the tree, because you are as the tree.  It is easy to see, from your outer appearance, how rich the soul, how rich the spirit.  Today, take some time to let your roots move through the fertile soul, and spirit, that is you.