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October 8, 2021



      The flowing rivers, and streams, of the Earth, know Me.  The bodies of water, of Earth, know Me.  The vast deserts, of Earth, know Me.  Every blade, of grass, upon the Earth, knows Me, as well as the rocks, and the flowers, and the mountains, and the hillsides, and the valleys, know Me.  All of Earth knows Me.  That of Earth, which I created, knows Me, because it comes from within the Earth, which knows Me, because Earth is My creation.  Know Me, as you are My creation.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       That which is created of God, knows God, and you are created of God.  It is time to be still.  Stop wandering around, looking for who you are, or what you meant to do, or be, and sit with God Who created thee.  Within this “sitting with God,” you will know exactly who you are, and what you are meant to do, who you are meant to be, because The One Who created thee knows.