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October 7, 2021


      It is easy to fall into the habit of speaking ill of other people.  It is difficult to stop speaking ill of other people.  Stop tempting others into a situation where they too join you, speaking ill of other people.  This habit, once formed, is a challenge to break.  But it can be broken, when you take the time to sit, and understand, what you are doing.  Do not curse others by speaking ill of them.  If this has been your pattern, change it, by blessing, every time you begin to think, and your thoughts take you to a place, where you are preparing to speak ill of another, stop there.  Stop in your thought.  And at that moment, bless the person, you were prepared to curse.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Gossiping, or spreading information, about other people, in a malicious, and malevolent, way, must stop.  If you desire to be the light, if you desire to work for The Glory of God, you cannot do so, if your tongue spreads evil, about another.  Hold your tongue.  Cleanse your thoughts.  Bless the other, rather than cursing the other.  It is worth the effort.  With every blessing, you will rise-up.  With every blessing, you will light-up.  With every blessing, you will begin to feel The Glory of God all around you.  Resist the temptation to speak ill of others.  Bless them.