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October 6, 2021



      You are limping when you could be flying.  You are crawling when you could be soaring.  You are using the tools of Earth to build the things of the world, but you are ignoring the tools, The Gifts of Spirit, and you are not bearing the fruit, from which they come.  The Fruit comes from The Gifts.  Accomplishment comes from within The Fruit.  You would not begin to build a house, until you had everything you needed around you, to do so.  Each of you have been given many gifts, many tools to use, while you walk upon the Earth.  But you are not gathering them to yourself.  You are ignoring them, distracted by the ways of the world.  You live in a time, when you can find answers to questions, such as, what is the capitol city of a certain state, or where is this, or where is that.  You can also find The Gifts of The Holy Spirit, and there are lists of these Gifts.  You find them in Scripture.  You can find them almost anywhere.  Look at the words, in that list.  See which of The Gifts are yours.  Do you have all The Gifts?  Do you have some of The Gifts, perhaps only one of The Gifts?  The number of Gifts you have has no indication, or does not declare you less worthy.  It is simply given to you so you can accomplish your mission, efficiently, and effectively, and return Home.  You will also find a list, if you look, of The Fruits that come forth from The Gifts, and you will begin to understand.  And then, as you look at the list of The Fruits, and The Gifts of The Holy Spirit, My Spirit, within you, understand there are more, many more.  Just because they are not listed does not mean that they do not exist.  But observing this list, and The Fruits of the list of Gifts, will lead you to better know how to look at The Gifts you have, spiritual Gifts.  Look for them, and you will find them.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       In the world, in which you live, right now, you will often encounter a statement, such as, “Every job is easier, if you have the right tools.”  Apply this to your spiritual life.  Everything is easier, when you use the tools, you have been given, because the tools, you have been given, are right for you.  If you combine your worldly knowledge, the things you have learned to accomplish, the things in the world, created by man, with your spiritual wisdom, using The Gifts you have been given, life will be the adventure it was meant to be.  Everything will be easier because you are using the tools.  And when you use the right tool, the job is completed efficiently, and effectively.  Begin to turn your thought to The Tools of Spirit so you can fine-tune your life, upon Earth: knowing what you are doing; knowing where you are going; and, knowing how to get there.