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October 5, 2021




      I wish for you to know the language of nature.  And to hear the song of the stream, and the talk of the river, to see the dance of the flowers, and the leaves, and the bees, and the butterflies, and to hear their motion, as they live, you must be still, and quiet.  Take yourself to a quiet place, and disconnect from all that rattles you, or makes noise, so that you do not have to address the inner conversations with Me.  Today, do not take a walk, in the forest, with yours ears clogged-up, with music, drowning-out everything around you.  Do not take a walk, in the forest, with your devices, speaking to other people, or playing games.  Walk into the forest, and the meadows, walk in the hillsides, and the valleys, alone, with nature.  Do not just observe it, be in it, and you will hear the language of the trees.  You will begin singing the song of the stream.  You will understand the vocabulary of the river.  You will know, these things because you are not looking at it, you are in it.  And there is no distraction to keep you from learning, the language of nature.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       An invitation has been issued for you, today.  No matter where you need to go, to get away from the sounds, of the world created by man, go there, and be still, and listen.  Do not take something with you to record the sounds of nature, record them on your heart.  Listen, so intently, that you know the language of nature, and you can respond.  Walk into nature, My creation, knowing you are that creation.  You are everything you see.  Come, walk with Me, and let us begin to speak the language of nature.