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October 4, 2021



      It is time to let go of fear.  Each one of you can be clutched by fear; and when this happens, you are held in place, until you take the opportunity to find that fear, and sit with it, until you recognize it as absolutely powerless over you, unless you permit it to enshroud you.  You get rid of fear, by facing it, and asking, in that place of solitude, “What is it, that I am afraid of, at the core, why is fear gripping me, in such a way?”  Sit with The Holy Spirit and ask; and remember, when the answer comes, to rise-up, and address it.  Let us say your fear is walking in high places.  Then go with The Holy Spirit, to the high places, and walk there, knowing you are not alone, knowing no harm will come to you.  And with each step, cast out the demons of fear, remembering, and saying aloud, if necessary, “You have no control over me.  Be gone.”  There is no need for you to live, fearful of anything.  The only thing that happens, when you allow this, is that you are held back, from your full potential.  Live with fear no longer.  Seek the answer.  You will find it.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Come over here, and sit with Me, in quiet solitude I will speak to thee, and we will discuss a spiritual remedy, for casting from you, the spirit of fear, because you are more powerful than that spirit does appear.  I will show you The Way, and it can be done, today.  Come, sit with Me, and let us dissolve this spirit of fear; and you will rise-up, and it will appear to you no longer, because you will recognize your power, in casting out the spirit of fear.