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October 3, 2021



      For there to be growth, there must be change.  Do not hold on to the present time with you, to the season in which you are living.  Experience the present, and then, let it go, because there is always another present, another present.  The present is always with you, and living in the present, experiencing the present, prepares you for tomorrow, when it will, once again, be the present piece of eternity, with you.  Do not hold on, but meet all that comes to you, with open arms, and open hands, so it flows over you, and through you.  And when it is time, it moves on, as you move on.  Experience your present piece of eternity, because it will be a memory, you carry with you, into eternity, forever.  You are in a time, right now, most of you, hearing, or reading, these words, that is autumn.  And this is time of great change.  The leaves begin to fall from the tree, but only after they have filled the air, with brightness, of being.  The colors call your eyes to see the brilliance, the hues, the depth, the richness, of autumn.  And the leaves fall, and continue to fall, each leaf experiencing the present: in the coloration, in the falling, in the change.  Embrace the present piece of eternity with you, and be willing to let it flow from you, so that the next will come to you, and continue to hold out your hand to accept, because the present piece of eternity will always be with you.  There will always be a present.  And that experience will be your memory.  And you can bring your memories back Home.  You cannot bring the clothing, you might be wearing, at the time.  You cannot bring jewelry, you might be wearing, at the time.  You cannot bring the house, in which you abide, at the time.  But you can bring those memories.  They fill your soul and spirit, and they are your treasures.  These are the treasures, that you are amassing, and gathering, during your time, upon the Earth.  Do not ignore the treasure.  Do not fail to store these treasures, seeking more to gather material things, which will mean nothing.  Take the time to experience the present, so you might bring the memory Home.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       For most of you, change can be difficult to accept.  It seems just as you get comfortable, where you are, it is time for a change.  But there is no growth without change.  Be willing to move, with the flow, of eternity.  Be willing to experience, and let go, because with this experience, your memory, will stay with you.  You cannot cling to that present piece, but you can store the memory, of the present peace you felt, in the experience.  It is time to recognize the true treasures of your time upon the Earth.