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October 3, 2021



      “I AM with you.  Let the day begin, and let us walk into it, together, for I AM truly with you; and often you feel My presence with you, and it is comforting.  That is My intention, so that you never feel alone, no matter what the task before you.  No matter how many have fled from you, I AM with you.  You are never alone.                            


      “Most of you, hearing these words, or reading words, today, are experiencing a beautiful time, a season, upon the Earth, which you call autumn.  The colors are rich, and vibrant, and sides of hills, mountains, even down in the valleys take on an appearance much like that of a quilt, all different colors, coming together, a patchwork of yellows, and reds, and browns, and golds.  And that is with you, for a while, and then the leaves begin to fall, and you see change, taking place, right before your eyes.  The leaves, in all their beauty, do not cling to the tree, refusing to fall.  They accept the invitation, and float, in the air, like butterflies.  Sometimes, they catch you attention, as they swirl on a breeze, and at first, you might think they are a bird, or a flower, floating.  It is mesmerizing to watch the leaves falling, because they do look like beautiful flowers, and butterflies, and birds.

      “As you watch this change, taking place, it often is the opportunity to remember, the seasons, of a lifetime, upon Earth.  You see the seasons change, and play-out, before you, in nature.  And in most places, they are clearly marked:  the wintertime, which is dormant, peaceful; springtime, which is filled with promise; summer, when the air is filled with the aroma of flowers; and fall, while we see it all, cascading to the ground, but before it reaches the ground, riding upon the wind, in glory. 

       “Your lifetime, upon Earth, is the same story.  You arrive, as springtime, a baby, a child, an adolescent, always growing.  You cannot hold on to be the child.  You cannot stop, and stay, an adolescent.  You keep growing, because that is what eternity is all about, growing, embracing, accepting, and flowing.  You cannot hold yourself as a senior in high school, anymore than you can hold yourself as a college student, or a young person, seeking their first job.  You will not stay in that position because tomorrow is calling.  But while you are in the present, you have that experience to create memories, memories of each season of your life.  You cannot hold on to the tricycle.  You cannot hold on to the bicycle.  You cannot hold on to the vehicle, that became your mode of transportation.  But you can store-up the memories, of each experience, and that is your true treasure.  You can move into your new job.  You can accept congratulations, and promotions.  But eventually, there will come that time, which will become the present piece of eternity, for you, when you are retired, from your job, and another season begins.  And still, in this season you have memories, and you are creating more, from the experience you have.  But now, at this time, in your life, you have the wisdom and the experience to look back, and understand, what brought you to the present piece of eternity, and you can do so, with wisdom, and this wisdom is stored with your memories, as well, so your memories, and your wisdom, become as one treasure, which you will bring Home, with you, as you move through eternity, forever.  Celebrate each season of your life, and celebrate the memories, which are born of your experience.  Celebrate, it all, because it is adding to your treasure chest.  Experience.  Memories.  Wisdom.  Create them today, in the present piece of eternity that is with you, now.”