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October 2, 2021



      Envision that there is a room, within your house, your home, that every time you are in need, you go to that room, you knock on the door, and the door opens.  You walk into the room, and you ask, and that which you need is given to you.  If you desire water for thirst, it is yours.  If you desire power, to turn on the lights, and cool the house, when it is warm, and warm the house, when it is cool, it is yours.  If you desire food, it is yours, for the asking.  And not only is the food yours, for the asking, but it is especially for you, designed to fit your taste, to fuel your body.  All that you ask, in that divine room, is given unto you.  If you can envision such a room, then you realize there is no need to go and purchase food from a store, or ask your friends, or family, for water, when you have none.  There is no need for you to go seeking, in the world, created by man, that which you need, when it is within the home, in which you dwell.  You need not envision such a room, because it is already yours.  Go within, and the promises will be fulfilled, but they will be fulfilled within.  Knock, on the door, and ask. 

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You are not using all that there is for you to use, because you have been taught to seek it, in the world, created by man.  Abundant life is yours, but you must go within, for: within is where you knock; within is where the door will open; within is where you must ask; within is where it shall be given unto you.  Do not ignore the treasure you carry, within.  It is yours.  Use it.