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October 1, 2021


      My creation continues.  And all around you, you have examples of the continuation of creation.  You have examples of the present piece of eternity, with you, and how it flows out of yesterday, and there is creation in the present, which moves into tomorrow.  And it continues this way.  Creation, creating, create.  It continues.  On one side, of the Earth, there is night.  On the other side, of the Earth, there is day.  And in between, there are various times, marking night, day, sunset, sunrise, but it is all the present piece of eternity, and it continues.  You can see it happening.  In your imagination, if you could take the Earth, and spin it around, it would look like a procession, moving, moving the creation procession.  All around you are examples of creation continuing, and continuing within the present piece of eternity, that is with you.  That is where the seed is sown.  That is where the garment is mended and hemmed.  In the present piece of eternity is where creation is taking place.  You cannot create yesterday.  You cannot create tomorrow.  You can create in the present, drawing from the past, leading into tomorrow.  But creation takes place in the present piece of eternity, that is with you, now.  Look at the examples around you: one place night, one place day; one place cold, one place warm.  Pay attention.  Creation is happening within you, all around you, right now, at the present.  Nature is giving you clues, so that you might understand the mystery.  Pay attention to nature.  Pay attention to now. 

And The Holy Spirit says:

       One day, you can go to the store, and gather all the ingredients, to make a cake.  You can carry them home with you, put them on a shelf, in a cupboard.  You have these ingredients, which were purchased yesterday, in the past, but the ingredients, to do something, with that which you gathered, in the past, wait, until the present piece of eternity when you use, that which you gathered in the past, to create the cake, to bake the cake.  The cake is baked in the present piece of eternity.  And it can be eaten tomorrow.  Ponder this.