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October 11, 2023



          Often, in the first light of day, you find hope in whispered words, or perhaps in the words another does say, as light begins to fill up the shadow of night.  And it is there, in the words of another, in the word whispered, that the light begins to grow, expanding into your heart and soul, over oceans and into valleys, out of deserts up high onto mountains.  And when you are standing, directly in the light, with it shining upon you, from above, there is no shadow, no darkness, only light.  Yes, the darkness has met its end, as light bathes the Earth in its glory, once again.  There shall always be The Light.  It is never gone.  It cannot be extinguished.  It lives therefore it is.  You live therefore you are.  You are a being of forever, eternity.  You are a being of The Light

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Here comes the light, rising-up from darkness.  It is the sun, continuing the story of day and night.  Now, it is day, and the golden light of the sun touches all creation, in a grand gesture of awakening all that is upon Earth.  And she smiles, and with great hope, welcomes the sun, welcomes the first light of day.