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October 12, 2023




           It is not I longing to sing, or dance, or dine, or pray.  It is I longing to see you sing, and dance, and dine, and pray.  It is you, My magnificent creation, you.  You are where you are, at just the right time.  You are placed within the Living Tapestry of Life, as it continues through eternity.  All is as it should be.  There are no accidents.  Creation continues.  No matter what you are to face today, it is you who is the best solution, resolution, or evolution of the matter.  It is your opportunity to shine with the glory within you.  So, no matter what you are longing to do today, rise-up and do it.  You are My solution, resolution, evolution.  You are My love, placed where you are, to do that which you are destined to do.  It is you, My child.  It is you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           You do not have to employee someone, to step in and master the issues of the day.  No matter where you find yourself, it is no accident.   You did not stumble upon it.  You have been placed precisely into it.  You are exactly the right person to address the matters which rise-up, today.  And as they each rise-up, you too rise-up, to do that which has come to you, and all, that is within you, is revealed to you, in the doing of it.  Rise up and do, and discover your strength, courage, nobility.  Rise-up and see all you are meant to be.  Rise-up.