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October 13, 2023



          Listen, listen to the sweet call of the bird.  Be still and feel the movement of the air around you.  Look, and see any sign of life, be it human, insect, flower, tree.  Look and see.  You are missing so much of eternity with you now.  Be quiet within your being.  There is no need to rush, to hurry.  For, in haste comes the waste of what is happening around you, ignored, sacrificed, for a list of things which you feel must be accomplished.  There is no denying that there are things you are to do, but there is also no denying that your list could be interspersed with acts of awareness, kindness, periods of silence, listening to stillness speaking the language of All That Is.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           You will not notice it if you are hurrying around.  But, when you are still, you become aware of something moving within you and all around you.  You cannot see it.  You cannot hear it.  But you can feel it.  I AM moving, within you.  I AM living, within you.  You cannot see Me.  But you can feel My presence, within you, and often you can hear the still small voice, within.  Be still.  Listen.  Come, within.