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October 12, 2022



      As you move through this day, see yourself, moving in a circle, moving, constantly moving, in a circle.  And then, when you finish, that one area of the day, be it work, or play, see yourself, effortlessly, moving, to another circle, as if they had touched briefly, and then move on.  And there you are, in another area, of your day, completing a circle.  It is complete, whether it is work, or play.  And then, as you move, through another time of the day, again, you, effortlessly, step onto another circle.  And come the end of the day, the circles are all intertwined.  And you move, and then, it becomes, as if you sway, moving, carefully intertwining, all the aspects, of the day, until they are finally complete, in one circle, which announces, all that was done, through that day.  See yourself moving, be it work, or play, not in a straight line, in a circular way.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       There is often talk of infinity, going on forever, something that does not end.  And often, infinity is shown, with the crossing, back and forth, and going around, again.  It is called the sign of infinity, and it moves, and it flows.  And this is how it goes.  You see, and you know, where you have been.  And where you have been leads you to where the road will never end, but continue to go, and grow, and you with it, learning the ways of infinity, moving, always moving.  But it is a gentle curve, a sway.  That is The Way of infinity.