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October 11, 2022


      You will not feel pressure, or as if you are being pushed, by those in the world around you, when you are living, in the knowing, that The Source, of your power, is within you.  And it rises-up through you, and pours-out, from you, and keeps at bay all, that threaten, to coerce you, in any way.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

      Take stock of that, which is, within you.  You know, I AM, within you, My Holy Spirit is, within you.  You know, your power lies, within you.  And that Sacred Power, within you, is the resurrection of all you are.  Do not count on the strength of the body, or the intellect.  Know the strength, and the wisdom, of The Power, that is within you, that is My Holy Spirit.  I AM The Holy Spirit, but often the words come from a Triune God, Who will remain a mystery, unless you live, in the knowing, of The Power, within you.