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October 10, 2022

      When faced, with adversity, be love.  Draw into yourself that, which I give unto you.  And soon, in this way, one step at a time, you will be love.  There will be no need to drink, from the cup of love, because you will be love.  And as you draw nearer to Me, knowing that I AM, in you, and you are, in Me, then the knowing, of this, will bring the realization that you are love, because you made the free will choice to be love.  You will no longer come from chaos, and confusion, because it will be gone.  It cannot exist in love.  The pure energy of love does not hold darkness, or shadow, or chaos, or confusion, or doubt, or worry, or concern, of any kind.  It just is love.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you are tempted to engage, even in the smallest of arguments, resist.  Do not respond.  Stand, and be at peace.  You do not have to accept chaos, and confusion.  You have a choice.  Choose love.  If you must occupy your mind, at that time, see yourself, in a pool of love, moving, going down deep, letting love saturate your being, until you are no longer looking, at the pool of love, or drinking, from a cup of love; you are love, and The Source of Love is, within you.  It is important to remember, at these times, that you have a choice.  You have been given free will.  You can join the chaos, and confusion, or you can swim, in the pool of love.  And, as you visit the pool, more and more, you realize that you are love, that you no longer exit, or enter, the pool of love.  Whatever you do, love, is there, because love is you, and you are love.  You do not have to try to love.  You do not have to convince others of the love.  You are content, being love.