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October 9, 2022



      “I AM with you.  I AM with you, in your thoughts.  I AM with you, in your words.  I AM with you, in your deeds.  I AM with you.  We are One.  You have set aside certain things to believe this Oneness.  And so, I walk with you, and I speak of it.  And you feel it, settle, within you, until you know, We are One.                              


        “As I walked upon the Earth, over two thousand years ago, I noticed, that you could learn a lot, about someone, by listening.  How did they formulate their thoughts?  What words did they use?  What were their actions, that followed the words?  It did not require much then, nor does it today, to know a lot about a person, by what they say, by what they do.

       “My promise, to those whom I loved, was that, when I returned fully to Spirit, and no longer walked, the Earth, as a human being, I would send to them comfort, and counsel.  They did not understand, completely, what I was saying to them.  But there came the day when they knew, what I was saying to them, as The Spirit of God moved, within them, and they were not afraid, because they felt The Spirit of God, within them.  And the words, they chose, to speak, came from The Spirit of God, within them.  So, the words were of God, of Power.  And the deeds, they chose to do, described in the words, they spoke, coming from The Thoughts of God, within them, produced miraculous events, not of their doing, but because The Spirit of God was moving, within them, and they chose.  They chose, to speak, as The Thoughts of God filled them with strength, and courage.  And there was a light upon them.  And they were different.

        “You too, have the ability, to choose.  Most of the time, it is random thoughts, of the world created by man, that is rumbling around within you.  And the words, that come from you, have to do with your life experience, and what you know, and what you have read, and what you have been taught.  But there are, amongst you, those who have been taught by God.  So, they know things, that cannot be taught, by mankind, unless there has been a choice made, to permit The Spirit of God, to fill your thoughts, and produce The Words of God, to come, through you.  This can be easy for some, quite challenging, and difficult, for many, because you have learned, in the world, created by man, the flipside.  Your ego has led you to stand separate.  To separate everything according to: sometimes a size, sometimes intellectual ability, sometimes financially.  But the world has taught you to separate, and isolate, and then comes the feeling of being alone.  This does not happen when you choose to allow The Spirit of God to create your thoughts, create your words, and create your deeds.  In this way, you are One, with God.  There is no struggle about trying to get there.  You are there.  You are.  The result, this being One, with God, is worth every effort you put into opening your thoughts to God, allowing your thoughts to be saturated, with The Presence of God’s Spirit, within you.  This is how you do everything I did, and do, because it is no longer the material you, but you are coming from a place of God, and the Spirit, that is you, is living, within God.  And all things are possible, within God.  And in that state, you are of God.  You, and God, are One.”