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October 9, 2022


      I have breathed, My Breath, into you.  I have sent My Spirit, My Breath, to dwell, within you.  I have given you The Gift of free will.  Your options are endless.  But you must choose.  With every breath, you take into yourself, there comes the seed of creation.  As My Holy Spirit is, within you, We are one, and you can choose My Ways.  And once you make this decision, wisdom flows, from you, My Wisdom moves, within your thoughts, and your thoughts are My Thoughts.  And the words, that come from this creation, within your thought, flow from your lips, as a blessing, onto the Earth, because they are My Words, coming through you, to be spoken, to be a remembrance, a remembering that is new, over, and over, again.  Within your thought, is the creation.  And as you bring this new creation to your lips, to speak, you are breathing life, into the words, you speak.  The Spirit, The Spirit that is in your breath, delivers the words, through you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Since I AM with you, and within you, you have the opportunity to create, with Me, so that all that you think, and say, and do, can be said, even though it comes through you, to be of God.  But you must choose to do this.  You also have the right to choose a more materialistic form of thought, and speech, as you practice, what you have been taught, what others have said to you, what you have read, what you have seen, your experience.  You can use this too, to create.  But from the depths, of The Presence of God, in a thought, and in words, delivered as thought, coming from The Spirit of God, within you, you raise the consciousness of human beings, all around you, because you have chosen to speak The Words of God.