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October 8, 2022


      When the moon rises, depending on where you are, the clear vision, can be hampered by branches of trees, and buildings.  It all depends on where you are.  You know the moon is there.  You see the light, and you see pieces, and parts, of it.  But clear sight, clear vision, of the moon, can be denied you, when there are branches, and trees, and buildings in the way, between you, and the moon, in the sky.  I AM.  Yet, depending on where you are, clarity can be obstructed, by that, which is between you, and Me.  Just as the branches of a tree, or buildings, can interfere, with the clear view, of the rising moon, those things, that are happening, within your life, or all around you, unless they are resolved, can interfere, with the clarity, between you and Me.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you desire to have clear vision: you might brush your hair to the side, that has fallen over your eye; you might remove your glasses, and clean them, so that things are not blurry, and there is not a spot, that keeps clarity from you; you might put on a cap, that shades your eyes, from the light, so you can see, clearly.  There are a number of ways, that you can: clear your vision; clear the pathway; clear those things, that are obstructing your vision, spiritually.  Sweep away the debris, and cobwebs, of your inner chamber.  Do not let anything rest there, which needs forgiving.  And do this, every day, so that you might have clear vision, so that you might know, and live, within the knowing, that God is with you.