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October 7, 2022



      When you find it necessary to push-down, within yourself, disappointment, anger, frustration, denial, these things stay pushed-down, until, like the action of a volcanic eruption, the stress, the pressure, the heat, the inner turmoil, and energy, force an eruption, and that, which was held within, is scattered, to the wind.  You can avoid a volcanic eruption, within yourself, by daily reviewing, what has happened, or happening, and addressing the issue, at the time, not putting it away, not denying its presence, with you, sitting with Me, so we can see, the issue, as it is, and then, where there is need of forgiveness, forgive, whether it might be other individuals, or yourself; but, completely abolish the stress, and the anxiety, the heat of the moment, by blessing it, and putting it in your Book of Lessons, that you have learned, during your lifetime, upon the Earth.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       You cannot spend much time hiding, suppressing, pushing-down, holding-back that, which has not been addressed, in your lifetime.  It does not matter what the issue might be.  The point is the unresolved issue is still held, within thee.  And when there is a trigger, there could be an explosion, an eruption, of that, which has been held, within, and made more powerful by stress, and anxiety, and denial, because that which is, is, until it is resolved: acknowledged, resolved, blessed, and listed as one of the lessons, you learned, as you journeyed, upon the Earth.