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October 14, 2022


      My creation is not stagnant.  It continues.  It moves.  It bends, and turns.  It is living.  Creation continues, and continues, through you.  As you have been created, you are destined to create.  The movement of creation is not fast.  It is slow, and still, and moves, at My Will.  And My Will is for it to grow, expand, through you, and all you do.  The continuation of creation will not jar you.  It will not push you.  Its progress is rarely noticed, but it is constant, and will continue, forever.  Creation never stops.  Energy, once created, does not cease to exist.  It is, and so are you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       There are so many creation stories.  From different beliefs, all over the world, there are stories, about the creation.  But begin to hold the thoughts, of creation, in a different way.  It did not happen one day, and then stop.  It continues.  You have the opportunity to cocreate, with God.  It begins, in your thoughts.  It moves, through your words.  And it is seen, in the deeds you do.  Take notice of what you are creating today, and celebrate it, in every way, because you are a part of The Great Creation.  Do not talk about it, or read about it, and not include yourself, and all others, walking upon Earth, today.  Every individual created, is a part of The Great Creation of God.