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October 15, 2022



      In your lifetime, upon Earth, you have had experiences.  Some of them hold great importance, some experiences are lesser.  Still, they are your experiences, and you talk about them, and you share what happened, and the impact, these experiences, had on your life.  Every day is filled with experiences.  You might not consider driving your car to the grocery store an experience, but it is.  It seems more routine, until one day, something occurs, during that drive to the grocery store, and it is now marked as an experience.  But it is all an experience.  Every time you choose to walk out of the door, of your home, and go to some destination, it is an experience.  Begin to see it as such, and note the importance, of every choice you make, leading to the experience.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you go out your front door, pulling it shut, behind you, it is a normal, routine occurrence in your life, up until the day that you leave the keys, to your house, on a table, or on a counter, inside the house.  You have locked yourself out, with no key.  That routine has now become an experience.  Every time you choose to go out your door, that choice leads you to an experience.  But more than fifty percent of the choices, which lead to an experience, are never deemed an experience.  You do not think about them.  You just move about your daily routine, encountering experience after experience, without noticing what is happening, around you.  Begin to notice.  After you make a choice, see the experience, because it is there, and it is ripe with opportunities, which go unnoticed.  Today, experience the entire day.  Look, and see, so you might know, what is going on, all around thee.  Wake up, to the experience, and live it.