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October 16, 2022


      “I AM with you.  Do not hesitate.  Believe, as your heart is directing.  I AM with you.  I can walk, with you, today.  I can talk, with you, today.  We can make our way, together, through the day, if you will allow it.  So, I turn it around, and say, will you walk, with Me, today?  Will you talk, with Me, today?                                  


      “Thousands of years ago, when I walked upon the Earth, I noticed a lot.  I watched, observed, and was guided, from within.  As The Father was leading Me, so it was done.  And you can do the same.  Before setting your agenda, for the day, ask, as you quietly pray, “God what is it You wish for me to know today?  Where do You wish for me to go?”  These questions are vital, to the movement, of the day, because you can touch so many, in a Godly way, if you will just permit The Hand of God to move you, through the day.  This is what I did.

      “If you followed Me around, during a normal course of the day, you would see, as you walked with Me, all the little things, that were done, in The Name of God, or for The Glory of God.  It was not for My glory.  And you can do the same thing.  I repeated, so many times, that what was being done was for The Glory of God.  You can do this, too.  But it might surprise, a number of you, that you can sweep a floor; but, that sweeping, of the floor, is greatly enhanced, when you sweep the floor, for The Glory of God.  Everything you do can be a prayer, an offering, a song of praise.  Everything can be done, in that way.

      “The things I did, most days, would be considered little: talking with someone; putting My hand on their shoulder, in support; speaking of love, and generosity, and kindness.  And in that way, encouraging others to pick up that practice, and put it into their everyday lives.  If love is not your foundation, then your foundation is weak.  And when calamity strikes, when disaster hits, all that has risen-up, falls, if it is not based on love.  Begin to see those things, you do, as vital, to your spiritual growth, and love, from your heart.  When you can embrace, one of those, you once could have rejected, you know you are on the right path.  When you give, so freely, that you have no thought of what it might cost you, only that you can do, for another, what needs to be done, for another, then, with the giving of it, your hands, are The Hands of God.  And, after you have mastered these little things, God might whisper.  The Whisper might rise-up, from within you, and lead you to do something else.  And it might draw attention, but be sure, it is your intention to say, ‘This is for The Glory of God.  This is God working.  See it as such.’  Little things create the pathway to living The Ways of God. 

      “There are many things, in a material world, which hinder you from accomplishing a goal.  And we have talked about this, before: you do not have a degree for this; you do not have the money for this; you do not have the support, you need, to do this.  And the list, could go on, because, you are limited, in the material world.  But God’s Kingdom has no limitation.  Anyone, no matter their circumstance, can be kind, and loving, and generous, with what they have.  And the list goes on, and on.  There is no limitation, except for that gift, that was given to you, of free will.  You can choose not to do it.  That is the only limitation.  In other words, you are the only limitation, for doing all, that makes your life holy, and sacred, and brings you to a profound communion, with God, The Creator of All Things.  This was My Way.  It can be your Way.  It is walking The Way of Little Things.”