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October 16, 2022



      I wish for you to know The Way of Little Things: little kindnesses; deeds, that seem small, but actually are the deeds, that bring you, to standing tall; because, before you walk, you crawl.  You learn to stand, and in the standing, you gain your balance.  And by gaining your balance, you are ready to move forward, into the world, having begun, in a small way.  Before the great buildings can rise, they must be set, on a foundation, that is right, correct, balanced.  So, the weight, of the tall, rests on the small.  Do not seek first, to do grand things.  And I AM speaking, spiritually.  For, what good is it doing you, or anyone else, if you are feeding hundreds, but loathing, those you are feeding, in some way, or another, rejecting, them, in some way or another.  First, must come love.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Be content in doing the little things.  Or, better said, those things you consider little.  A smile, a touch, a kindness is worth a mountain of gold to those, who are rejected, to those who are refused entrance.  And, once you learn to do this, what you consider small, you will grow.  You will become tall, and you will walk The Ways of God.