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October 17, 2022


      I wish for you to surrender, all of your defenses, all of your excuses, all of the if’s and the but’s, which keep you from moving forward, in your spiritual journey.  Today, in quiet, move deeper into the energy of love.  You have heard it said that there is no energy, none of it, that is more powerful than the energy of love.  It is the energy of creation.  You have been finding reasons, not to love more, not to love completely, because of things you have been taught, because of fear, because there is a sense of security in separation.  If you can find a reason, not to love someone, some people, then you are not settled, completely, within My love.  The only way you can love, completely, without condition, is when you are, within My love.  Do not fear My love.  When you take the first step, to drop the defense, eliminate the excuses, and all the reasons why someone, or some people are not worthy, of your love, then you will be completely, within my love.  And it might surprise you to know that you will not need to try to love, any longer, because when you are in My love, you are love.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       It takes practice to be, in the love of God, completely, because the world, created by man, will give you many reasons why you should not, or could not, love a person, or a particular group of people.  And the reasons will be compelling, at times, and you will feel rather righteous about denying your love, to a group of people.  But this is all trickery.  The answer is always love.  And because of what you have been taught, as you journey upon the Earth, your thoughts of love can be tainted.  Where you will find true love is, within the energy of love, which is God.  Go there.  Sit with God.  Place yourself in The Sea of God’s Love.  It is The Source of all life.  It is The Source of eternal life.  Go into The Sea of Love, and live life, as you are meant to live it, with no limitations on your loving, no boundaries on your loving, just swimming, in The Sea of God’s Love.