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October 18, 2022



      Many of you have much to do, on this particular day.  But I encourage you, even with all you must do, to: slow your pace, slow your breathing, slow your speech pattern, be still, be quiet.  Maintain the direction.  Keep in focus the ultimate destination, the accomplishment of a project, or a goal; but move toward it, slowly, in measured steps, so that there is no hurry involved.  Come the end of the day, you will be surprised to find that, even though you intentionally slowed your pace, you still accomplished that, which needed to be accomplished, and you do not feel harried, or haggard, or exhausted, in any way.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       When there is much to do, slow down.  Take one thing at a time, and push every other task, awaiting you, out of your mind, and meet the destination; but do so, in a measured pace, so that your face is not drawn, and tight, from anxiety, from frustration, even.  Move, slowly; speak, quietly; breathe, deeply; and enjoy your day.  Do not run, walk.  Do not shout, speak.