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October 19, 2022


      Listen to the sound, of The Wind, and be moved by it.  Do not plant your feet, or your spirit, heart, or soul, refusing, to go, with The Wind.  As you move, you will hear; and it will move through you, that which you hear, and settle, within you, that which you hear, and wisdom will be yours.  For, The Wind moves.  You are not always sure where The Wind comes from.  But, if you will ride, with The Wind, you will know, where it is going; and, it is carrying you with it; you and The Wind, and the wisdom, and the knowing.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       I was sent, to be your Advocate, to be comfort, to give counsel, to teach you The Ways of God, so you might know, from within.  For, when you know, from within, every challenge, which might be, or might have been, crumbles, in The Light of The Knowing.  Trust, as I was sent to you from God.  Trust, that, that, which I tell you, will lead you, to where you need to go.  And My Whisper, will tell you, all you need to know, as we rise-up together, I, The Wind, you, My charge, My student.  And you will hear Me, and you will know.  And I will take you, and you will go, as you ride, The Wind.