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October 20, 2022



      What your intellect cannot fathom, your heart knows.  Do not approach the pathways of spirituality, of coming to know Me, in a deeper way, thinking that you must know Me, intellectually, because you will be stumped, meet walls, slip and fall, trying to intellectualize our relationship.  Come with your heart, because the knowing is, within you, deep within you, held in the soul, and the spirit.  But, the heart, knows these things.  So, do not try to know, with your mind, with your intellect.  Know with your heart.  Believe with your heart.  Listen to your heart, and you will know Me.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Getting to know God, closer, must come from the heart, because the mysteries cannot be resolved with the intellect, that is of the world, created by man.  You can read all the books.  You can ponder the mysteries.  You can ask for guidance.  You can pray for guidance.  And the words will be whispered to you.  But if you try to do the coming, the drawing nearer to God, with your intellect, you will find a maze of corridors, going here, and there, as you try to rationalize, what is already internalized, within you.  You must come to God through spirit, and love.  And these things are, within you.  Your heart knows, and it beats the truth, that is, within you.