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October 21, 2022


      In the stillness, of the night, My message will come.  And when you receive, with clarity, you will know.  However you receive, the message is for you, to know.  For, My son, My daughter, I know you.  Therefore, the message will come, to you, in a way designed, specifically, for you, so you might know.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       In the quiet, of the day, when you have slipped away, from all the noise, as you sit, or stand, or walk, or kneel, in peace, I will stir, within you.  And there, The Whisper, will be, communication, from Me to thee.  And no matter what form of acceptance takes place, within you, you will hear, the groanings, of Spirit, and you will be moved to know, because the message will be yours, and Mine.  It will be quiet, and divine, and be The Source, of that next step, which you are to take.  For, in the stillness, of the night, you are taught.  In the quiet, of the day, you are led.