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October 22, 2022



      Release all concerns, you might have, today, of timelines, and quotas, and projects.  Take My hand.  Let us walk on the land, and sit, with the falling leaves, and the bare-branched trees, and notice the artistry, in these, and all around you.  Behold the creation, that is with you.  You are part of My creation, all, that you see from, the falling leaves, to the bare-branched trees, and more.  These are My creation, and there is you.  For, you are My creation too.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Let that, not of God, fall from you, and take your place, amongst the creation, that is with you, that is you; and watch, as it moves, and continues, carrying you with it, the breeze, the wind, the flowers, the rivers, the oceans, the seas, all of these, all of these of God, continue, and so do you.  Rise-up, take The Hand, extended toward you, and walk, upon the land, created for you; and all will look to see, the beauty, the artistry of creation, all around thee.