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October 23, 2022



      “I AM with you.  I AM with you in the present piece of eternity, in which you find yourself, right now, walking with you, from that someplace, to the now, each step, an aspect of your eternal life, because you are living your eternal life, now.  I AM with you, now.                                     


      “As I walked, upon the Earth, thousands of years ago, I would often encounter individuals, who were lost.  Sometimes, the roads, from one town to the other, were not clearly marked, and sometimes, signs had been knocked down.  But it was easy to get lost, as you journeyed, from town to town.  You had to pay attention to where you were going.  But, you also had to pay attention, to where you had been, that place, as you stood, and looked, preparing to go to the next town.  You had to know where you were, so that you might be better prepared to get to where you were going.  And the same thing applies today.  If you are driving your car, and you are alone, even with the current devices, that have made your drive so much easier, it is still possible, if you are not paying attention, to take the wrong turn, to end up in the wrong town.  It does not take very long to distract you, from listening to direction.  It takes a phone call, or someone telling a story, in the car, if you have passengers.  You can be distracted, along the way, by something that is occurring on the other side of the road.  It does not matter what the distraction might be.  The distraction came at a time when you missed the sign, or you missed the message, and you ended up in the wrong place.

       “These things still happen.  No matter how much assistance, you might have, it is possible, on a journey, from one town to another, from one place to another, that you veer off, in the wrong direction, and it is necessary to turn around, and return to the path, return to the route, which will lead you to where you are going.

       “It is important to remember, that you had to be someplace, to get where you are now.  Most often, when we find ourselves in situations, that are unpleasant, in any way, first we find an excuse, or place a blame, before we figure out, if in earnest, that it was our choice, to change the game, that made a difference.  This, is why, you are prompted, to pay attention, to the present piece of eternity in which you are living, now, because each piece of eternity leads you to another piece of eternity.  So, where are you, in that piece of eternity?  It is important to know, where you are.  It is important to be vigilant.  It is important.  The present piece of eternity, with you, is the most important thing, of that second, that minute, that hour, no matter how long that present piece of eternity maintains itself, with you, that is where you are.  That is your now.  But the vigilance needs to be made a focus, because you had to be someplace, to be where you are, now.  And the present now, is that piece of eternity, in which you make the choices, you use The Gift of free will, you choose.  No matter what the circumstances might be, no matter how many rejections, or refusals, or denials, you might throw up, you still make a choice.  And your choice made, in that present piece of eternity, results in the present now.  Pay attention.  Do not be distracted.  Listen, for the direction, and follow.”