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October 23, 2022



      You had to be someplace, to be where you are, now.  Consider that statement, because it is heavy, with importance placed on someplace. What led you to where you are now?  You had to be someplace.  Where were you?  It is often not considered, when you are standing, in someplace, when you are existing, in someplace, that there is another step, on the path, that leads from someplace.  You had to be someplace, before you are where you are, now.  So, this prompts the direction, pay attention, to where you are now, because every now, will become someplace, which led you to the present now.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       You know that you did not just pop into your current situation.  It has been a journey, and each step, an important aspect, of your journey.  This, is why, you are called, to live in the present piece of eternity, that is with you.  Look around, and be mindful of the present piece of eternity, with you, because every piece of eternity, you are living, in the now, is a steppingstone.  You had to be someplace, to be where you are now.  So, when you are in that place, that present piece of eternity, it is, the preparation, into the now.