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October 19, 2021



      Most of you long for unconditional love, and you seek it, from those, in the world around you.  You long for protection, security.  You seek, or create, a job, which you pray will take care of you, and your loved ones, monetarily.  You seek so much from those of Earth, the world around you, but the world, created by man, and all that is in it, cannot promise you unconditional love, a good job, protection, security.  It cannot even promise you that there will be food in the days to come, or that your electricity will stay on, so you have lights and heat.  The world, created by man, cannot promise you anything, but I promise you: My eternal, unconditional love; My waters, which run deep; the manna of Heaven, which will sustain you, forever.  The things of the world will not stay the same, but I AM constant.  Call My name.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       I will guide you, from within.  You will hear the directions in a whisper, a still, small voice, within you.  And My words will guide you through the everyday world of man, so that you might work through the day, and sleep through the night, play in the sunshine, and be protected from the rain, or the storm.  I will guide you, as you make your way over the Earth, until it is time for you to go Home.  God, Creator of All Things, willed it so.  Unconditional love is yours.  Your thirst will be quenched, eternally.  You will not hunger, for anything, because you will be fed manna from Heaven.  And, while you are upon the Earth, you have God’s heavenly protection, and wisdom, within Me.  Do not turn from it.  Listen.  Be still.  Call My name.