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October 20, 2021



      Slow down.  Move gracefully, into the day.  If you will slow down, and observe what is happening around you, you will see the beauty, you will know it.  But you will also see the obstacles, which are scattered, all around you, sometimes.  As you acknowledge the obstacle, you move it, so you do not trip over it, so that you do not tumble, and fall.  Slow down, and as you do, you will hear, completely, what is being said to you, by others.  It will not be distorted.  Slow down, so you can hear what I AM saying to you, because I AM speaking.  But at a hurried pace, with your head down, moving forward, the tendency is not to pay attention to what others are saying, because you have something important to do.  The tendency is also not to pay attention to what I AM saying to you.  Slow down.  Move into this day with grace.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you go about your day, at a harried pace, the only focus, you have, is to doing what you think is important to do.  In fact, it is so close to you, that desire to accomplish what you think needs to be done, that your focus is narrow, and you are blind to everything going on around you.  And what, is going on around you, could aid you, in accomplishing your goal, without the harried pace.  Slow down.  Listen.  When someone is speaking to you, stop, and listen, completely, to what they are saying.  They are telling you something.  Slow down, so you might hear that still, small voice, within you, guiding you to something more important than what you thought you needed to do.  Slow down.  Look around.  See the beauty.  Acknowledge the obstacle.  Remove it from your path, and keep going, walking with grace.