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October 21, 2021



      No matter where you are, what you are doing, right now, stop, be still, and come to Me.  It does not matter if you are crying, or laughing, if you are in pain, or good health, if you are destitute or well-off, if you are being shamed, or feel guilty, stop, be still, come to Me.  I will wrap My arms around thee, and take away all your pain, all your fear, all your guilt, all your shame, all your doubt.  It will all be gone, when you call My name, for I AM with you, each of you.  Come.  My arms will hold you, until you are prepared to face whatever is yours to face, and then, we will face it, together.  You do not live alone.  We live together.  Acknowledge My presence.  Feel My power.  Call My name.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There might come days, in your lifetime, when you will meet challenges, and in desperation, call-out the name of God, Jesus, Holy Spirit.  But do not wait, until such days, to establish communication, with your redemption, with your rescue, and healing.  When everything is going right, into the day, and into the night, stop, and call the name of God.  Do it when you are singing, and dancing.  Do it while you are being loved, and while you love.  Do it while charity is on your heart.  Do it when you are in state of gratitude, or thanksgiving, but do it.  Do not wait until the darkest hour.  Call upon God, and all His power, in the bright sunshine of your life.  Do not wait to speak the name of God.