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October 22, 2021


      Droplets of rain, fall from the sky, cleansing the mountains, and all of Earth.  And, the droplets of rain, flow into the rivers, and they become one body, with the river.  And the river flows, and moves, and touches the banks, and gathers up soil, and deposits in another place, mixing the riches of Earth, carried in the body of water, deposited upon the shore, the banks.  But then, the river meets the ocean, and the mighty river flows into the ocean, and the river becomes one body, with the vast ocean.  And when the conditions are right, the water is drawn up, into the clouds, to be released, at another place, at another time.  The riches, of the rain, continue, over, and over, again.  Each droplet, of rain, becomes one body, with the river, and the river, one body, with the ocean.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Heaven is within you.  It might seem to you that it could be the size of a droplet of rain, yet it flows within you.  The Waters of Heaven are within you.  The vastness of Heaven is with you.  The Kingdom of God is with you, with all the droplets of rain, and the majestic rivers, and the vast oceans.  This blessing, this gift from God, is unique unto each of you.  The richness of Heaven is with you.  The Waters of Heaven will quench your thirst.  The vastness of Heaven will hold you.  It is a mystery, for you, now.  But soon, you will understand, and you will see, with clarity, that The Kingdom of God is with you.