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October 2, 2022



      I have many ways of communicating, with you, of speaking, with you, of showing My presence, with you.  I have many ways.  I send you messages.  I send the messengers to you, carrying My messages, for you.  And some of you have been given gifts, to accept these messages, from the messengers, sent from Me, with an ability, that allows you to comprehend, what is being said, to you, and shown, to you, in the signs.  The gifts of prophecy, the gifts of hearing, the gifts of seeing the visions, the gifts of dreams.  There so many ways, I AM communicating, with you, through messages, and signs.  But if you deny the prophecy, the visions, the messages, and all the other forms of communication, you are cutting the lines of communication.  The Holy Spirit dwells, within you, to give counsel, and comfort.  So, when there is a dream, take the dream, and sit with The Holy Spirit, within you, and ask.  And from the wisdom, held, within you, My Spirit will speak, and you will know the meaning of the dream.  And the same applies to visions, and the gift of knowing.  This gift, that some of you carry, known as ‘the knowing’ can be a challenge to carry, because you do not know how you know, yet you know; and this knowing is strong, within you.  And it is one of the ways that I communicate, with you.  If you deny these forms of communication, preferring to call them coincidences, or something strange, that happened, you are denying yourself the communication, with Me.  Consider, again, your position, regarding dreams, visions, visitations, apparitions, prophecy.  And consider them, while sitting, with My Holy Spirit.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Gifts, which are called The Gifts of The Holy Spirit, are numerous.  Many of these gifts are recorded, so you can see.  But many of you, holding these gifts, within you, are not using the gifts, as they were meant to be used.  When you see something, a flash, the easiest thing is to say, “you know what I thought I saw?”  “I thought I saw.”  It is time to begin to see these things as messages, signs, sent to you, from God: often through Me, as I guide thee; often through angelic beings; often through other individuals, and animals, and plants, and rocks, and the air you breathe.  Do not deny the messengers.  Do not deny the messages, and the signs.  For, they are communication, from God.