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October 2, 2022



      “I AM with you.  I AM with you in the signs, and the miracles, and the messages, all around you.  I AM, with you.  But My presence is magnified, and glorified, when you believe I AM with you, when you walk with Me, and talk with Me, and absorb the energy that is Me, with you.  Believe.  It is the key to understanding.  It is the key to peace.  Believe.                              


      “All through the ages, God has communicated, with those of Earth, in powerful ways: in prophecy, in visions, in dreams, in visitations, and apparitions, through words, whispered from within, so that they might be spoken.  But very few have paid attention, to the communication, coming from God. 

      “As I walked, upon the Earth, I delivered messages, and signs, and spoke the words, of God.  But there were those, in powerful places, who rejected The Messenger, denied the messages, resisted the signs.  How can you communicate, with God, if you deny these things?  These are supernatural ways of communicating.  And the way to address your letter, your communication, from God, is to address it, specifically for you.  What can you bear?  What will spark you to true faith?  You will not be given something that is impossible for you to believe.  You will be touched, by something, as simple as the falling of a leaf, from a tree, when you asked a question, and you saw the answer, floating in the air. 

      “My message to you, today, is brief.  Prophecy did not happen, at one time, and stop.  It continues, and you know this to be true.  Visions did not happen, at one time, and then stop.  They continue, and you know this to be true.  Powerful dreams, bringing messages, and signs, did not just happen, at one time, and then stop.  They continue, and you know this is true.  I say unto you, embrace the messages, embrace the messengers, embrace the visions, and the dreams, and the visitations, and the apparitions.  They will lead you, in the right direction, along the path, on The Way, you are to go.  The world will tell you: it is all a coincidence; it is not true; it is something caught, in your peripheral vision, when your eyes are playing tricks on you.  The feeling, that flows through your body, causing goosebumps, chills, continuing, from your head, to your toes, and back up, again, these things are real, a touch of Spirit, when you most need it, a nod from Spirit saying, ‘yes, it is true,’ when you most need it.

      “Live in a place, where you will embrace the communication, from God.”