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October 1, 2022


      You are a living vessel of My Love, and love is power, the purest power.  Love can alter the course of all things, when used for good, in a powerful way.  You are the living temple, and within you resides My Spirit, My Holy Spirit.  My Spirit is there to guide your vessel, during your journey, upon the Earth.  But The Holy Spirit will not override your free will choices.  My Holy Spirit rests, within you, waiting.  And when asked, will spark, and give you counsel, and comfort, and teach you, My ways.  Think of yourself as the living vessel, of My Love, and live in it.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       I dwell, within you.  But I will not override your decisions.  I wait, in sacred silence, until asked.  And when you ask, The Book of The Wisdom of God shall open, and it shall open to the exact page, wherein you will be given counsel; and this counsel will not be created to serve all, it will be created specifically for you, for what you need, you require.  And as we walk through this counsel, My comfort will hold you in peace; and that, which has been a mystery, hidden from you, shall be revealed, from within you.