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September 30, 2022



   At one time, the law was, to forgive your brother, or sister, seven times.  And then, came an alteration, concerning forgiveness, and it was, forgive seventy-seven times seven times.  These words came from Me, representing and endless ability, to forgive, within each of thee, no matter how many times, it is necessary.  For, thinking you are unworthy of forgiveness can keep you from turning to Me, from coming to Me, in all times, to sit in My lap, and be held in My Love.  When you deny another forgiveness, you are actually denying yourself, forgiveness.  It all works together.  But still, the word, coming from Me rings true, forgive, always forgive.  Then, forgiveness finds its home, in you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       When a child breaks a lamp, or anything else, for that matter, often, the first thing they feel, is fear, of punishment, fear, of what the result might be, even though what occurred, was a clumsy accident, indeed.  The good parent, hearing the child’s tears, seeing the broken lamp, or whatever it might be, takes the child into their arms, pulls them close, and whispers, “I love you, it will be okay,” and holds the sobbing in their lap, rocking until the tears stop, and there is calm.  And then, it is time to clean up the mess, put everything back, and talk about the lesson that was learned, in an atmosphere of lightness, and forgiving.  When it is done, in this way, the lesson learned, is a lesson of forgiveness, and unconditional love, and comfort, in the arms, of The Good Parent.